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Contact information:
Chris L. Floyd
Executive Director
Los Angeles OIC
3701 Stocker St. #204
Los Angeles, CA 90008
323-754-3116 Voice
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About Us

Los Angeles OIC is the Los Angeles affiliate of a network of sixty OIC Centers throughout the United States. Founded by the late Reverend Leon Sullivan in 1964, the OIC's of America remain grounded in reaching out to the underprivileged and undeserved members of our society.

Our Mission:

The mission of Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America, Inc. (OIC) is to continue to be a leader in providing quality education, training, employment, healthcare and housing services to economically disadvantaged people of all races and backgrounds enabling them to become self-sufficient and more fulfilled members of the American society.

Los Angeles OIC History:

In response to the growing gang violence in south central Los Angeles, the Los Angeles OIC branch opened in 1994 at Western Avenue and Imperial Highway, thanks to the philanthropy of Chevron Texaco. The mission of Los Angeles OIC is to provide education, training, human resource development and job placement services to economically disadvantaged Los Angeles residents.

Los Angeles OIC Today:

Like all OIC affiliates, of which there are sixty, Centers are independently owned and operated. We are in a new location that is conveniently located at 3701 Stocker Street, #204, Los Angeles, CA. Localized training is conducted citywide at the facilities of our collaborative partners. "Localized" training has become the latest and hottest idea in community outreach enabling at-risk probationary, foster youth, unemployed and underemployed individuals to return to financial stability. Financial stability leads the way to happier and healthier families while reducing gang violence.

Our Goal:

To empower as many residents in Los Angeles as possible who want to receive vocational and financial education to be prepared for financial independence and become a contributing member of society.
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